Quality Policy

Quality Policy
The development of the electronic component distribution industry has been threatened by quality from various levels and different sources. Old material renovation, shoddy, imitation of famous brand, fake parameters; Also the non-conforming operation of authentic materials during transit, deliver and packing, all of them belong to the scope of quality control in the electronic component distribution industry. 

The core mission of Linkcost is to operate electronic components inventory distribution and provide customers with better cost effective services. We commit that all our products are in high quality and 100% from original manufacturer.

All products provided by Linkcost are 100% originally new from the original manufacturer.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
The electronic components provided by Linkcost come from well-known original factories in the semiconductor industry, and the products abide by the laws and regulations related to environmental protection.As part of our quality policy, our products meet RoHS, Reach, Halogen Free and other standards.

Database Management of Quality Control

Database Management of Quality Control
To ensure traceability, specified information of all goods from Linkcost will be uploaded to quality control database system

• The record of goods’ storage information
• Detailed product entry photos
• Detailed product outbound photos

Vendor Management

Vendor Management
Supplier selection and classification management is our first step in the process of securing the original products. Sources of our supplier are only chosen from the original factory agent and the world famous OEM/EMS enterprises.

Storage & Packing & Logistics

Storage & Packing & Logistics
We strictly comply with the original factory's storage environmental standards for materials at all levels, from electrostatic protection, humidity control to constant temperature control; we strictly abide by the original factory's requirements for corresponding items, in order to ensure that the quality of goods being delivered to customers is with "zero defects"

• Temperature & Humidity control: 18~26 ºC,30%~65%
• ESD static protection 

•Standard for humidity sensitive devices
•Non-destructive operation of the retail unpacking to ensure retail orders are well secured during packing and transport 

By the fastest, safest and most economic mode of transportation from the world’s leading logistics providers

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection
Linkcost is committed to provide qualified products for our customers. We have advanced inspection procedures, professional testing equipment, and experienced IQC engineers with responsible work attitude.
In-house inspection
-For all incoming goods, we carry out visual inspection and make detailed records. 
• Brand、Models、Numbers、Production Date、ROHS Environmental Standard Testing 
• Outer packing inspection: whether the packing is in good condition/integrity, whether the packing material conforms to the relevant MSL standard.
• Marking permanency testing
• Material appearance inspection

Third- party laboratory testing
•X-ray testing
•Decapsulation analysis
•Hazardous substances testing
•Weld ability testing
•Electrical testing