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Linkcost is a full service global distributor of electronic components and provider of supply chain solutions. We devote to eliminate the gap between time and space of the supply-demand system in semiconductor industry, trying to bring down the procurement costs of the electronic components for the global EMS providers.

Linkcost offers competitive purchasing channels in both BOM optimization and emergency supply operations, and provides high quality original electronic components as well as value-added services for supply chain to global customers. Our customers and strategic partners have spread to different electronic industries around the world over years of steady development. Our service covers many high-end areas, such as industrial control, power supply, automotive electronic, telecommunication and cloud computing. Linkcost has established several branches in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Singapore. We provide customers with complete one-stop semiconductor supply chain solution through efficient logistics system and trade experience.

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Provide high quality products and optimization services of supply chain
With strong industry supply chain integration capabilities as well as experienced service team, Linkcost provides fast information and product logistics services, strict quality standards and competitive prices for customers. We have been a long-term partner of many well-known customers and win a very good reputation in the industry.

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Linkcost always keeps developing and improving our supply chain management capability. We are born from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and keep up with the trend of industry. To become the preferred partner for most customers, we enhance the competitiveness for our customers through long-term supply of cost reduction, inventory finance management and staggering management of material supply chain.

Strict Quality Control
Linkcost insists on providing customers with reliable and high-quality electronic components made by original manufacturers. To fulfill our high quality commitment to our customers, our internal management system ensures that many aspects of the quality management system are implemented, such as vendor audit management, quality inspection, storage, and logistics and so on.  

Global Supply Capacity
Both our customers and channels are all over the world. With geographically distributed branches and service staff, as well as stable external logistics service providers, Linkcost provides fast and timely supply services for our customers.

Affirmation from the market
Most customers choose and recognize our professional services.
Linkcost specializes in supplying information for prompt electronic components and high-end products.
Linkcost specializes in provide BOM two-way cost optimization for customers.
Linkcost provides better choices for customers with our abundant purchasing channels.
Linkcost has professional services, high quality products, rich information and rigorous operation, which makes us become a leading independent distributor in the high-end product market.

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Hongkong – Shenzhen – Shanghai – Suzhou – Singapore

We are pleased to provide high quality electronic components with supply chain two-way solutions for our customers. Welcome to contact us for BOM optimization or inventory management.