Products and Services

LINKCOST is your reliable electronic components supply chain partner.
We focus on developing competitive source and provide genuine components from Original Equipment Manufacturers.
We expend your existing source channel with our abundant data and account base

BOM Cost Optimization

combining with our extensive accumulation of material procurement channels and project price data, helps customers quickly find materials that can be cost optimized.

Excess Inventory Management

With technology being progressed, and products being upgraded continuously, it is essential for the semiconductor industry to realize the excess electronic products quickly and maximally.

Short-term Delivery of Scarce Materials

Linkcost has accumulated wealth channels of purchasing, and is good at searching materials and distributing available stocks to meet customers' demand for the production of scarce materials.

Spot Inventory Service

We continue to invest resources in FPGA, communication, security, storage and other fields to expand the stocking service of key materials, and assist customers in JIT planning

BOM Kitting

Linkcost can help customers to achieve one-stop procurement, and to reduce the management cost as well as procurement risk of customers' suppliers.

EOL & Obsolete Sourcing Service

Linkcost may also rely on its wide range of channels to find inventory for customers or to provide alternative solutions.

Products Line Card
  • TI

  • ADI

  • Broadcom

  • Infineon

  • NXP

  • Micron

  • Intel

  • Aspeed

  • Cavium

  • Maxim

  • Xilinx

  • Lattice

  • IDT

  • Marvell

  • Freescale

  • Skyworks

  • Qorvo


  • PMC